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African Fashion Project (AFP) is our latest program through FICOTA. It is a multi-channel platform created to provide capacity building, development, career opportunities, and more for fashion SMEs, fashion professionals, fashion students, and aspiring fashion professionals + students based in Africa and the diaspora.


The goal of the AFP is to multiply the transformation artisanal production and creative talents into African fashion products and services using ancestral know-how combined with current industry standards for global markets. ​

The ingeniousness of local designers and craftsmen are steadily raising the global demand of African fashion products and creative services. In order to meet this demand, the entrepreneurs need better resources, training, and finances to develop into SMEs, thus creating a united ecosystem and helping to create thousands of jobs throughout their regions.

Our onsite workshops are for locals with interest in fashion design, artisanal trades, and creative SMEs to provide machinery, resources, and knowledge of the fashion and textile industry. AFP creates opportunities for them to become vibrant African designer, artisans, creative players, creative SMEs and brands.


In 2023, being accessible on the internet and having the internet to access digital resources and information could be considered a basic human need in order to be able to compete with the majority of other businesses and talented professionals on local, national, and global levels. In addition to providing support on the ground, AFP also provides support, resources, and opportunities online via our AFP Digital Hub which launches in early 2023.

AFP’s call to action: Be knowledgeable, accountable, and intentional with your product and production processes to create maximum positive impact and value for all involved, from the developmental stages to consumer experience. 


African Fashion Project launched with its first workshop on February 5, 2021 in Yaoundé, Cameroon. The workshop was invite only to select designers throughout Cameroon with existing relationships with the organization as a beta for the pilot project. The aim of the workshop was the evaluation and reinforcement of apparel and accessories designer skills as a clothing and accessories designer. The program’s objective was to identify the difficulties that are encountered in the field and to develop the skills of the participants. AFP developed an exchange session for the designers and professionals in the activity sector who provided feedback and techniques that would add to the designers' knowledge, and consequently increase the competitiveness of their products in the local market with opportunities to expand to the national and international market as well.

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