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FICOTA's purpose is to validate the cotton, textile, and accessory industry value chain in Cameroon and throughout the continent of Africa.

This is an opportunity for SMEs, companies, partners, and sponsors to introduce their brands, products, and services to the market and establish relationships that enhance the creative geniuses involved and the economy in which the evolve.


What do I stand to benefit from attending FICOTA?

1.   Visibility for my products and services

2.   Business to Business networking and  opportunities for funding partners

3.   Stepping ahead and embracing new technologies in the industry and being abreast with the future of the industry

4.   Getting information through networking and ideas on how to grow and make your businesses more profitable and cashing in on new technologies and pathways to the future

5.   Being a  part of the mobile innovative and revolutionary business concept touching the lives of SMEs in Africa, so we explore and optimize unprecedented continental free market access for better health and wealth-creating opportunities”

6.   Decide to journey this path and set the pace for future conquests and adventures going forward with your company business or institution

7.   Last but not least, you will have the time of your life in this exotic city. There will be great fun activities for you to enjoy while making money and learning to improve your business all in one exciting venue, Kribi Beach, Cameroon. The next best place to be on the Coast of West Africa.



From the Farm to the Market for Jobs and Wealth Creation

Details for Registration, Accommodations, and Transportation will be made available soon.

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