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One Vision, One Voice for Africa

A campaign bringing together all players in the agriculture, business, and cultural creative sectors to create impact and track the change.

“One Voice. One Vision for Africa.” is a campaign developed by African Chamber of Trade & Commerce to highlight and track progress happening throughout Africa and the diaspora in the agriculture, business, and culture industries. Our goal is to build a global network of businesses and organizations making an impact on behalf of Africa and the diaspora, amplify the work being done to create value, and create a database of partners with resources to support their development.


Our vision is to support the growth of businesses and organizations in Africa and the diaspora in order to build a self-sufficient ecosystem by tracking progress being made and connecting the dots to expand the impact.

Our mission is to highlight and support progress toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals happening throughout Africa and the diaspora in the agriculture, business, and culture industries.


Our first area of focus for “One Voice. One Vision for Africa.” campaign is the sustainability and resilience of Africa’s cotton through value addition in industrial value and supply chains towards the continent’s economic development for gender and youth empowerment.


In line with the African Union 2063 agenda and African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA) enforcement, our program FICOTA supplies a sector oriented bottom-up tripartite business model through PPPs, an inclusive approach that promotes competitiveness in goods and services. A unified voice from stakeholders in the cotton value chain should optimize yields in all aspects and open new markets for African businesses in the textiles and fashion industries.


This campaign is designed to create a movement of power players across Africa and the diaspora operating with the same momentum toward the same goal - economic liberation for our people. Through knowledge sharing, events, and fundraising efforts, we will accomplish this goal. Join us in “One Vision, One Voice for Africa.”


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One Vision, One Voice for Africa depends on the participation and interests of people like you! Wether you are a small business, interested in starting a business, consumer, investor, government

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