The Kribi Beach Fashion Week festival is an event that takes place on sidelines of FICOTA (International Forum for Cotton, Textiles and Accessories), a showcase of know-how of actors and entrepreneurs in the cotton-textile and accessories value chain and for the well-being of the actors (aesthetics, styling, beauty, cosmetics, etc.) created by Mr Flavien BODY of BCBG.

Activities include:

- art

- design

- music

- swimming

- fashion shows

- golf tournaments

- photography

- boat riding competitions and a tourist site to venture into exotic parks and forests

Through the use of industrial designs, the ACC/BCBG offers this platform to exhibitors (in various sectors such as agriculture and animal husbandry, brewing, cooking, fishing, sewing, spinning, banking, finance and insurance, training institutes, dyeing, weaving, printing, telecommunications, audiovisual, IT, intellectual property, cosmetics, hairdressing aesthetics, etc.) from all over the world as a showcase to present their products, services and brands.

Like no other, the festival offers relaxation and networking opportunities in the fashion industry for players in the value chain.



This is an all-inclusive initiative by ACC to permit SME’s, Cameroonian businesses, international partners, startups, and all stake holding partners from all regions involved in the textile industries and related businesses to converge at a common venue.

P.O. Box 35040 Golf-Ntoungou, Bastos,        Yaounde, Centre-Region, Cameroon

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