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Time Waits for No One

Faced with much cruelty and greed, causing pain and desperation around the world, one is challenged with how to stay focused and productive in spite of all !

When doubt and instability take over our energies, our attitudes and output become negative.

The need to stay focused is unequivocal to a purposeful life.

The antidote lies in understanding the intangibles and abstracts of life.

The puzzle also lies in realizing we own and control nothing. Not even our lives. Yet, our presumption and anxiety to own and control all is a major cause to the world’s crises.

Whereas, the elasticity of our lives faced with death, obliges a humble, busy, focused and purposeful life style.

In other words, a faith based and mind your business life style!

If one’s life is traced by one’s legacy, one must focus on achieving one’s purpose for posterity .

At ACC, we cultivate and nurture a “mind your business life style. So our stories story could be told.

Considering the boundary between life and death is seamless, the mystery and fear of death ironically motivates focus, so one may create a legacy prior for a fulfilled life.

Mary Concilia Anchang

ACC News

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