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Tribute to President Rawlings! A soldier yet a tactful peace broker!

A fine man! A man of character and determination. A hard worker and believer of Africa. A selfless, simple friendly and happy man. ..a smiling face..:Still not found the right adjective to describe you Sir.

Would have thought you left too soon.. But come to think of it. Absolutely Not! You lived long enough as historic great men do.So you area remembered!

You took less than a decade to transform Ghana. Some take centuries yet do not accomplish such. You lived double 73 years through your meaningful works and deeds.

What a legacy!! You restored and uplifted Ghana and gave the continent hope,courage and pride again,when all thought it was over.

A true son of the soil. A rare and successful patriot of your generation. A Traditionalist and dignified man.

Go well Sir!

Your legacy will never stop talking for generations to come. In short, in death you just entered the realm of “evalasting  life". Go well and rest well with your ancestors and maker. You made them proud. You made Africans happy...You are our pride.

Rest assured your spirit has been replicated ..the flames will never burn out. We miss you !

Rest In Peace 

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