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To say « Power corrupts « is an understatement!

History keeps repeating itself.. the actors on stage may change, yet the reality of mankind often expose humanity in its weaknesses and strengths through all generations.

Some slight differences may occur. But the bottom line is « mankind is man. » But previous mankind knew shame..

The things humans often do to keep power behind closed doors are unthinkable. The absence the 4th Power kind of covered the mess in the past.

As we Currently witness the full potential and impact of the 4th power in « communication »  one observes with dismay through multiple media outlets a lot of unpredictable, complicated and nauseating stuff.

The question is, does this really matter! Just wondering if « shame « can be a deterrent to the insatiable quest for power !

Does the fact that, people know the stinking stuff influence the protagonist in his/her resilience and determination to stay the race? seemingly not!..

The actors seem to be telling us, the meaning of shame needs some reinventing !!!

Guys « Watchout for their how far »

Times are critical

At ACC we think « SHAME » needs to be emphasized and the true meaning replicated at all levels to make the world safe again.

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