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Be at the forefront of FICOTA to maintain a lead marketing position for this event. There are various sponsorship and branding opportunities to add value to your company’s image and promote your products and services at this very august gathering of industry professionals.

Be the First to Catch Their Attention!


This is an excellent opportunity to ensure that your company’s name will literally be in front of every attendee. This high visibility branding will feature your company Branding and message around the necks of all attendees-worn all day, and seen by everyone. The lanyards are well-kept memorabilia which offer your company the opportunity to gain a direct association with the event, along with brand recognition amongst all those attending the event. Your company’s Branding will be integral to the design of the lanyards. Your Branding or name will be printed on all the lanyards (Lanyards to be produced by the organizers). Sponsor the event badge and ensure that your company is well noticed during The ACC (M&T) FORUM & KBFweek Festival:

  • Branding in the Events Magazine;

  • ½ page color Advertisement in Event Magazine;

  • Branding on the event’s website;

  • Branding on presentations that will appear during sessions at The ACC (M&T) FORUM & KBFweek  Festival;

  • Branding will be prominently featured on the main stage backdrop;

  • Three (3) complimentary full conference and expo passes;

  • Three (3) Invitation cards to The  ACC M&T Awards and KBFweek TopModel VIP Gala;   

  • Up to three featured (1or 2) speaking opportunities in areas of specialties;

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